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The classification of the casting mould

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-29
Modelling is divided into: wet sand molding, precision mould, epc, V method casting, lost wax casting. Casting shape, draw draft, should be controlled JB/T5105 - 91. Mold categories: alloy mold sheet metal mold plastic mold stamping die casting die extrusion die casting mold other mold mold material. Joe casting mold classification method are many, the past commonly used are: according to the casting mould structure form of classification, such as single process model, compound die, etc. ; Classified by using the object, such as automotive covering parts of casting mould, machine casting mould, etc. , used to use the casting mold forming process of the nature and use of object based comprehensive classification method, the casting mould is divided into ten categories of all kinds of casting mould, and can be used according to the casting mould structure, material, function and the molding method, divided into several small classes or varieties. With the traditional sand mould forging of low precision casting, molding cycle is long, the casting surface quality to suit the requirements of plastic mold, after casting still need artificial buffing. Therefore, Po plastic with Joe casting mold to produce cast aluminum mold is required by precision forging method, at the same time the introduction of rapid molding technology, shorten the mould manufacturing cycle. In terms of processing, CNC machine tool widely used not only to ensure the precision and quality of cast aluminum mold parts processing, and with high cutting speed, feed speed and high machining quality as the main characteristics of the technology, several times higher than that of traditional machining efficiency even more than a dozen times. The current development of more mature rapid modelling methods include laser molding SLA, laminated plate method LOM, fuse deposition SLS FDM and selective laser sintering, etc. This article from the bo Joe equipment technology ( Guangdong) Co. , LTD. , reprint please indicate the source!
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