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The characteristics of the gravity casting moulds and advantage is what?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-07
Release date: 2019 10 - 28 clicks: 205 gravity casting mold its performance is good, after all, the use of the process of gravity! In addition it also has a mature solution heat treatment conditions, so its production efficiency is higher than another in gravity casting mold, sand casting, appearance and dimensional accuracy is better than sand casting. Bo Joe gravity casting mould is mainly aluminum alloy gravity casting mould, kuntai machinery factory in the advantage in the process of production from the mold production, to the final gravity casting to produce castings can be done, the customer don't have to go somewhere else to choose mold processing, or vice versa. Joe can do one-stop service, can save time easier then! Gravity casting mold usually use is aluminum alloy metal mould, as the name implies, don't need to use force, when casting molding time with gravity. So what is the distinguishing feature of technology of processing and shaping the use of gravity and advantage? Below small make up to introduce to you!
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