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The characteristics of automatic molding machine sand box

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-26
Bo Joe automatic molding machine sand box is widely used in foundry production, because of its high strength, good rigidity, the cost is low, it is convenient to use, so the user's consistent high praise, the product is casting workshop automatic and semi automatic molding line, one of the necessary processing equipment with professional equipments for production to ensure the accuracy of sand box, can also manufacture various specifications of the molding sand box for the user, below for everyone introduce Po Joe Joe mechanical automatic molding machine characteristics of the sand box. 1, the box and the box on the products are mainly divided into two parts, the conventional products, the height is 150 mm. 2, can be used with molding machine matching, the size of the specifications can be customized according to the size of the mould. The sand box up and down box can be special production, according to the need of the product, higher or lower. 3 internal processing, product with good positioning guide pin, stainless steel knife and pin sets, and completed can be used directly and form a complete set of mold.
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