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The cause of alloy steel casting cold-lap

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-18
Once the alloy steel castings appear cold insulation phenomenon, its performance not only ugly, its internal metal binding force will abate, direct the serious influence on the mechanical properties of the castings, so once appear this kind of phenomenon, to find the problem in time, then make corresponding repair measures, reduce casting damage. Cold insulation phenomenon: low temperature metal flow butt each other but not fusion and appear crack, irregular linear, penetration and not through two, under the action of external force, has the trend of development. Reason: 1, metal pouring temperature is low or the mold temperature is low. 2, alloy steel casting alloy composition is not in conformity with the standards, liquidity is poor. 3, liquid metal filling and bad fusion. 4, gate is unreasonable, the process is too long. 5, filling rate is low or the venting is not good. 6, the injection pressure is low. Corresponding measures: 1, the products were black, flow mark, properly increasing pouring temperature and mold temperature, see mold temperature reduces paint spraying. 2, change the alloy composition, increasing liquidity. 3, hot module aluminum liquid flow, liquid metal collision cold-lap appear for vortex shape, commonly associated with the flow mark. Improving pouring system, improve the filling direction of the gate. The other can be opened on the edge of the casting slag package to improve the filling conditions. 4, with distal false, change the gate location and area, improve the overflow condition, increase traffic. 5, change of metal flow rate, and improve the injection speed. 6, alloy steel castings overall pressure is not real, and improve the specific pressure ( Try not to use) , it is suggested that the conditional to large tonnage machines. Alloy steel castings appear cold insulation phenomenon is not terrible, terrible is found that the problem cannot be handled in a timely manner, let the cold insulation is aggravating, directly destroy the mechanical properties of casting. So once found the problem, and will be processed in a timely manner to solve, even himself can't handle to go looking for professionals to seek help immediately.
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