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The casting surface heat treatment method

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-27
The casting surface heat treatment is foundry ( Ductile casting, grey iron foundries) Strengthen workpiece surfaces of metal treatment process. Are widely used in the demands both surface high wear resistance, fatigue resistance and larger impact load, asked for a whole has good plasticity and toughness of the parts, such as crankshaft, camshaft, transmission gear, etc. Nanjing foundry co. , LTD is a large casting company in hebei, surface heat treatment is divided into two types: chemical and surface hardening heat treatment. One, surface quenching by different heat source to rapid heating workpiece, when the temperature of the parts surface tipping point above ( In the center of the workpiece temperature below the critical point) When rapid cooling, so got hardened workpiece surface and the core is still keeping the original tissue. In order to achieve the purpose of heating workpiece surface only, for the heat source with high energy density. According to the heating method is different, can be divided into surface quenching induction heating ( High frequency, intermediate frequency and power frequency) Surface hardening, flame heating surface hardening, electric contact heating surface hardening, electrolyte heating surface hardening, laser heating surface hardening, the electron beam surface hardening. Most in industrial application of induction heating and flame heating surface hardening. Second, the chemical heat treatment of the workpiece in a medium containing active element, heat insulation, make the medium into the active atoms or forming some kind of compound coating the surface layers of components, to change the surface of the organization and the chemical composition, so that the surface of the parts has special mechanical or physical and chemical properties. Usually in chemical permeability before and after all needs to use other suitable heat treatment, so as to maximize the potential of carbonitriding layer, and reach the center of workpiece and the surface in the organizational structure, performance, etc. The best match. According to different infiltration of elements, the chemical heat treatment can be divided into the carburizing, nitriding, boronizing, siliconizing, sulfurizing, chromium, zinc impregnation of aluminized and permeability, carbonitriding, aluminium chromium altogether permeability, etc. Three, quenching through the electrode contact resistance will be less than 5 v voltage is added to the workpieces, current through the large in the contact between the electrode and workpiece, and produce a lot of heat resistance, make the surface heating to the quenching temperature, then move the electrode, and surface heat is introduced into the workpiece, a rapid cooling, the purpose of quenching. When long thing, electrode constantly moving forward, in the latter part of hardening. This method has the advantage of simple equipment, easy operation, easy automation, minimal distortion of work piece, do not need to temper, can significantly improve the wear resistance and abrasion resistance, but the hardening layer is thinner, 0. 15 ~ 0. 35mm) 。 The microstructure and hardness of poor uniformity. This method is more used in cast iron surface quenching machine tool guideway, application range is not wide.
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