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The casting defect repair technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-27
Castings for a variety of factors influence, often appear porosity, pore, slag inclusion, cracks and potholes in faults. Commonly used to repair the equipment for argon arc welding machine, cold resistance welding machine, welding machine, etc. About the quality and appearance is not high casting defects can use argon arc welding machine and other large calorific value, high speed welding machine to repair. But in fine casting defect repair category, argon welding heat affected big, repair form when casting part deformation and hardness drop, sand holes, annealing, cracking, pinhole, wear, scratch, bite, or the binding force is not enough and the secondary faults such as internal stress damage. Cold welding machine is to overcome the above shortcomings, its strengths first performance in the heat affected zone is small, the casting without preheating, normal temperature cold welding repair, therefore no deformation, bite edge and residual stress, won't produce partial annealing, not change the casting metal arrangement. So cold welding machine is suitable for fine casting surface defect repair. The scale of cold welding the weld repairs for Φ 1. 5 - Φ1。 2 mm weld point repetition melting process of accumulation, in the process of large area defect repair and correction power is the only element to its widely use. About the big drawback, introduce the traditional welding repair technology and composite casting defect repair machine is used.
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