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The birth of squeeze casting metal material forming technology

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-04
Squeeze casting and liquid die forging, it is a certain amount of liquid metal injection mold cavity, and then impose high mechanical stress, the liquid or semi-liquid metal at low speed under pressure filling, solidification and forming technology. Compared with other methods of casting, squeeze casting technology has a wide range of materials and high utilization of metal liquid ( The direct squeeze casting is 95 - 98%) , casting organization uniform density and excellent mechanical properties and surface finish and dimensional accuracy higher optimal l from. Compared with the plastic forming method, can squeeze casting forming technology has the deformation force and smaller, needless to process processing, can make complex shape parts, such as from l. In general, it is a combination of casting and plastic processing, l from the short flow, forming technology, is widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, aviation, spaceflight, national defense and other fields, in the production of high performance and high precision parts. Mentioned earlier squeeze casting technology was in 1819 the British James Hollingrake a patent. Later, in the UK has a similar squeeze casting method, used in the production of cast iron sink. In 1878, the former Soviet union metallurgist D. K。 Chernov also puts forward the concept of similarity. Didn't appear until the 1930 s, however, the research on the influence of alloy solidification behavior of extrusion pressure. It is generally believed that the soviets V 1937 years ago. M。 Plvatskii published monograph of liquid metal forging ', is a sign of squeeze casting technology completely established. Along with the English language 'Extrusion Casting' in the west and the spread of the American scholar J. C。 Benedyk1970 years in casting the 6th conference is strongly recommended, the technology got rapid development in the 1960 s. In the next 50 years, the former Soviet union, the United States, Germany, Japan and Australia and other countries successively carried out extensive research about this technology. In 1958, our country began to carry out the squeeze casting technology research, in the 1970 s had a rapid development stage, the material object involves the Al alloy, zinc alloy, Mg alloy, Cu alloy, steel, etc. , nearly 300 kinds of parts. After entering the 90 s, along with the product and the urgent need of lightweight and high performance-based squeeze casting as a near net shape technology is more and more attention.
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