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The basic classification introduced casting equipment

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-19
About the basic classification of casting equipment, mainly include: a, sand mixing machine is used for mixing sand and core sand foundry equipment. Sand mixer generally has the following functions: the old sand, new sand, sand and the binder materials mixing. Second, the shakeout machine using vibration and shock for separating the sand mould and casting foundry equipment. The shakeout machine vibration source is divided into mechanical, electromagnetic and pneumatic. Three, briquetting machine to use casting material of briquetting equipment. After briquetting is convenient for storage and transportation of materials and reduce the wastage of the recycling in the process of transportation and smelting. Four, shot blasting machine with blasting high-speed projectiles thrown clear or strengthen the casting on the surface of the casting equipment. Function of blasting shakeout, in addition to the core for the castings and clean up. Five, pouring machine for the liquid metal into the mold cavity in the mold open channel. Include: flood basin, SPR, runner and sprue. Six, core making machine used in the manufacture of core casting equipment. According to different core sand compaction method, the core making machine can be divided into shock type core making machine, core extruder and shoot core machine, etc. Seven, the molding machine used in the manufacture of sand mold casting equipment. Its main function is: sand filling, the loose sand filling into the sand box, tight sand.
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