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The application of cast iron material

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-08
Due to the relatively dense matrix can be obtained for horizontal continuous casting organization, so the horizontal continuous casting profiles of hydraulic resistance and air tightness were higher than other engineering materials, can say, made of horizontal continuous casting rod hydraulic parts is the ideal material to date. It in addition to the high production rate, low production cost, there is more superior than steel machining performance, this is because in the process of cutting, because the chip broken unceasingly, and reduce the cutting resistance. Abroad in machine tool manufacturing, the use of horizontal continuous casting cast iron material manufacturing milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine workbench and machine tool guide rail, bearing, significantly lower production costs, machining of high strength and hardness of the surface with a special uniform index. Due to mechanical processing performance is good, so you can use the horizontal continuous casting cast iron profiles make rotator for the various mechanical parts and various special-shaped parts, such as flange, circle, triangle belt pulley, plunger, etc. Rolling piston of rolling piston type air conditioning compressor movement as the main sliding parts, each production manufacturer in pursuit of the compressor capacity increase, increase the pressure of the compression chamber, is bound to lead to increase the wear between the friction pair, in order to guarantee the reliability of the compressor, in order to improve the wear resistance of the rolling piston, through POTOREX companies in the United States, the United States FEDDERS corporation, Japan's HITACHI company, south Korean LG company, China zhuhai gree group such as the world famous compressor manufacturer research application shows that continuous casting of grey profile is the best material to make the rolling piston. Through quenching, continuous casting and the hardness of grey iron bar is easy to reach more than HRC50, in order to realize its excellent abrasion resistance. Dongfeng automobile company imported from the United States cummins company B series diesel engine 6 drive gear, has successfully implemented with horizontal continuous casting cast iron profiles isothermal quenching process for ADI gears instead of carburizing steel gear. Continuous casting rod compared with sand castings, 20 mpa tensile strength improved after isothermal quenching, elongation increased by 135%, the hardness increased 2 HRC, comprehensive mechanical performance is better than sand mold casting, apparently compared with forging steel, the gear manufacturing costs will be reduced by more than 26%, especially the continuous casting profiles of high density, and the characteristics of the zero defect, is an ideal material to produce ADI gears. Apply to American Morgan technology of high speed wire rod rolling line conveyor roller, the steel companies such as baosteel, shagang after use, reflect good, now can completely replace the imported parts, changed the past after the high speed wire rod instead of low-speed wire accessories in China need to import. According to the requirements of the ministry of railways train speed, the use of continuous casting of ductile iron material processed into guest ( The goods) Car bogie on the (adi ADI) Bushing, demanding HRC38 - after isothermal quenching 48岁的σb≥ 1200 mpa,δ≥ 1%, no notch impact energy ( ≤ 40℃) 正义与发展党≥ 35 j/cm2, crushing strength & ge; 2000 Mpa。 Review by the ministry of railways experts after the trial, has been formally on locomotive into use. For decades, application field of horizontal continuous casting cast iron profiles in our country is expanding constantly, this is because the process of technical and economic benefit is especially significant, as a result, more and more become the focus of attention of mechanical engineers.
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