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The application of car foundry casting

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-28
The application of car foundry casting! Car is now the most popular means of transportation, around the streets, so the structure of the car is also more complex, made up of various parts, there is no lack of among them is the need for foundry casting of automobile castings, so the car what is the foundry casting foundry required for? To introduce below small make up for you! In the process of car production, made from cast iron parts many of blank, accounts for about 60% of the whole vehicle components, such as cylinder block, transmission box, steering gear housing, rear axle shell, brake drum, all kinds of support, etc. Production of iron sand mold is generally selected. The raw material is given priority to with sand, the sand mold and binder, water, etc. The application of car foundry casting! Foundry is poured into the molten metal in the mould cavity, the production methods of products obtained after cooling condensation. In the production of sand mold, want to consider how separated sand box up and down to remove the block model, to consider the molten iron from where flow, how to fill the cavity in order to get high quality castings. After sand mold is made, can casting, and the molten iron is poured into the sand mold cavity. When pouring, hot metal temperature in 1250 & ndash; 1350 degrees, melting temperature is higher. Then pass desanding, repair, and grinding process, such as to become a qualified castings.
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