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The advantages of foundry casting

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-02-07
Casting foundry casting manufacturer in making, the making craft of using general foundry casting, although this technology has a long history of development, but it is after numerous improvements, still has great value in use, then what are the advantages of the it? The biggest benefit of foundry casting is due to have high standards for investment castings precision and surface finish, so can reduce machining work, only on the parts leaving a few machining allowance can appealed to the higher place, only grinding, polishing, and even some castings without machining can be used. Casting can be all kinds of alloy casting with messy, especially can casting high temperature alloy castings. Foundry casting classification are many: general sand mold forging, contains the wet sand, dry sand mold and chemical hardening sand mold 3 class; Special forging, according to the shape data and can be divided into natural mineral sand as the primary shape information of special forging and metal as the first special forging mould data. Foundry casting is a collective name, the classification of it here and there's a lot of little, for that we are in the middle of the above are some simple introduction, because of its variety, production technology is also good, so use this way to make the product is still a trusted group.
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