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The advantages and disadvantages of pressure casting foundry

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-20
The advantages and disadvantages of pressure casting in foundry! Industry in today's society is pushed by the rapid development of science and technology, the foundry industry also presents a variety of casting process, pressure casting is now a casting process, a lot of products in the processing and manufacturing in times of need to use to the pressure casting. Pressure casting is one of the very common casting. This process is very popular in circles. Pressure casting principle is to use high pressure metal into liquid, make it become a qualified castings after cooling down. Today we have to say what the advantages and disadvantages of pressure casting. Advantages: 1, die casting, metal liquid under high pressure, fast speed 2, products of good quality and size stability, good compatibility; 3, high production efficiency, die mold used more frequently; 4, suitable for a large number of mass production and good economic benefit. Disadvantages: 1, the casting is easy to produce tiny pores and shrinkage. 2, die casting, plastic low, unfavorable work under impact load and vibration; 3, high melting point alloy die casting, mold life is low, influence the expansion of die casting production. The advantages and disadvantages of pressure casting in foundry! Pressure casting has two ways, one kind is centrifugal casting, the other is a very common low pressure casting. Whether in low pressure casting or centrifugal casting using both very much. Now the low pressure casting die casting has a very widely used in all walks of life. The car industry and instrumentation industry, in particular, use at most. Zhejiang pao casting co. , LTD. , to provide aluminum casting, gravity casting, sand casting, low pressure casting, welcome to inquire.
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