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The advantage of casting machine in automatic molding machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-08-17
Bo Joe mechanical automatic molding machine advantages: 1, to achieve high profits of casting production, high production efficiency, ability of 120 cases of sand per hour. 2, flow sand, improve the quality of sand filling, reduce blister failure rate, improve the casting dimension accuracy and can adapt to various characteristics of molding sand. 3, from top to bottom box draw institutions at the same time, increase the draw accuracy, reduce the box down, improve the casting dimension accuracy, reduce the stripping slope. 4, extrusion pressure balance control, prevent the plate deflection deformation, can use existing or thinner double plate. 5, operation, maintenance, security maintenance, simple and convenient operation, the machine PLC system shows fault, said signal interlocking, said modelling monitor, confirm software security. Bo Joe machinery is the production of automatic molding machine has three kinds of standard model, sand mold size: 420 * 520510 * 610610 * 710 ( Length * width) Automatic molding machine, if you need other size can also contact us.
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