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The 7 kinds of measures to prevent stainless steel castings

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-05
1, the structure of the casting should be fully considered when casting casting structure, shape, big, wall thickness and the transition function of elements in liquid and solid casting shrinkage, select the appropriate process parameters, shun casting defects such as shrinkage cavity. Casting gate riser system planning is reasonable, if you want to use cold iron process, such as setting reasonable website, both the casting density of the internal arrangements, and try to avoid stress have seizures. 2, the melting process of exercise, try to reduce the content of harmful elements, such as P, S, low N, H, O, gas and inclusion content, etc. After selecting low phosphorus alloy steel center, can have very good effect. 3, heat preservation sand mold casting properly extend the time of heat preservation, the primary control box temperature below 70 ℃, ensure complete liquid and solid of sand mold casting, avoid stress have elements caused by external forces. 4, the process of sand casting sand washing, don't play with water sand mould and casting box, use the influence of strong external forces such as box shakeout method, avoid each other's forces, and internal pressure casting crack. 5, cut riser casting conditions based on picking the right hot water riser cutting process, ensure eagerly open start temperature is not lower than 300 ℃. Operation, cutting and blowing oxygen tube using vibration cutting. Important work promptly with asbestos cloth cover every mouth or gas cutting last in boiling heat treatment. The champions league and the axial flow blades kind of messy structure, casting process to adopt special measures, choose two eager to open. 6, preheating, the processing of stainless steel casting defects to criterion of preheating. When blowing process, welding process, the workpiece preheated to 108 ℃ or more before the operation. If discover the larger crack faults, should carry on the stress relieving, again for processing. 7 primary stainless steel castings, annealing, after all, eliminate stress annealing process, strictly control the heat preservation time and melt temperature. Its intention is to cut production process of the new stress, have gathered more thoroughly eliminate the internal stress of castings, avoid cracks.
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