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Tell you metal smelting steel manufacturer

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-17
Is very common type of parts, industrial field steel have good hardness, toughness, can withstand the wear and tear of a lot of mechanical equipment, steel is a kind of very durable parts. Steel in the process of production also has a lot of technology, there is will be dissolved, cast steel casting steel casting. Do you know the metal melting of knowledge? Let us tell you metal smelting steel manufacturer. Steel melting metal melting is not only a pure melt, also including smelting process, the metal poured into the mold, in terms of temperature, chemical composition and purity are in line with expectations. Therefore, in the process of smelting are going to have to check the test and quality control for the purpose of all kinds of liquid metal in the provisions to rear can allow gating. Sometimes, in order to meet the higher requirements, in the introduction to the liquid metal processing outside the furnace, such as desulfurization, vacuum degassing, refining outside the furnace, pregnant or modification treatment, etc. Metal smelting of commonly used equipment cupola and electric arc furnace, induction furnace, resistance furnace, furnace, etc.
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