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Teach you how to choose pattern mould material

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-28
Lost the mould process is a kind of precise forming process, to adapt to the steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other materials, for structure has better effect to the disappearance of the complex die casting. Vanish die on the selection of materials have some special need to pay attention to some places, to explain to you today. Actually lost foam casting is mainly used in the raw material is dry sand, foundry coating as well as the model material, of course, a lot of material, these are just the main several. Dry sand is of epc have to use one of the main raw material, dry sand should choose larger particles, refractory refractory dry sand, most manufacturers use is to remove the moisture and natural quartz sand, iron slag and the temperature is also have certain requirements. Casting coating is one of the important raw materials, it has the very high fire-resistant components, model casting is a critical step, requirement do manual work is careful, the size can't have the slightest careless, or make the product will be unqualified. So use epc on the choice of raw materials demand is very high, only demand is high, make products to be good. Vanish die casting principle is the use of dry sand, replicating the same casting dimension accuracy requirement is high, without flash, burr, uniform, high surface finish. Casting internal structure stability, epc mould technology make full use of the concept of environmental protection, the bubble shape material is harmless to the environment, recycling of used sand is above 95%. Of dissolved mold casting of mould casting can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, also can reduce the harm to environment.
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