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Teach you at 4 gravity casting machine maintenance and maintenance

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-27
Machinery and equipment are need maintenance, like Joe gravity casting machine, as well as how to maintain? Gravity casting machine maintenance in mind the following four points is enough! Above all, want to often maintain the cleanness of aluminum alloy gravity casting machine, before every time from work, first clean their health; Next, want to often add lubricant, let to non-blocking between its components; Third, in the work, if the abnormal situation, such as jitter, shall immediately stop working, and let the technician to check, and correct the in operation; Fourth, the fourth, fixed time on the inspection of the parts and check whether there is aging, damage, and replacement in time. Aluminum gravity casting machine this kind of mechanical equipment, is also like our car, be careful maintenance, to maintain good health. So, don't be lazy. So how to preventive maintenance and you learn?
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