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Take you know gravity casting machine and service

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-25
Bo Joe gravity casting machine main parts are the main DingGang, vertical electric box, turnover oil cylinder and flip module, under a discharging module, clamping module. Are the main components of the support the gravity casting machine in the production of work. Such as 0 Can turn 90 degrees, PLC machine control and so on. Gravity casting machine do casting equipment, casting products such as hardware, auto parts, communications base station installation equipment, furniture, etc. Gravity casting machine is to melt the metal liquid injection mould, the production under the gravity. Gravity casting machine is a large production equipment and so on in the subsequent operation and maintenance is also quite important. Bo Joe on subsequent use technical personnel training, to the customer to get started to work normally, maintenance is not need to be careful, this also is to have after-sale service staff to follow up. Say so many, you understand? If still have questions or would like to know more, can contact bo oh, Joe will answer for you with all sincerity!
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