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Steel work

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-13
Nanjing foundry is a large steel plant, we found that many users in the use of steel castings, for its clean job is not really, I'll introduce you. 1. Working principle of common cleaning roller cleaning roller is to iron castings with the stars in a drum, in the process of roller rotation, using iron castings with the stars mutual collision and friction, remove the adhering sand casting surface and scale. Ferroplasm by polygonal white cast iron is made, the size of 20 ~ 60 mm, generally for the quality of the casting for the amount of 20% ~ 30%. While working in dust formed in the cylinder of air is sucked out through the hollow shaft by the filter. 2. Blasting and shot blast cleaning and shot peening surface blasting cleaning method has its own advantages and disadvantages, to unite to use in production. Blast cleaning of high efficiency, small power consumption, with it as a major means of cleaning; Shot peening operation is flexible and can clean the complex inner cavity and deep hole, generally as a supplementary means of auxiliary. Can improve the quality and yield of clean already so, also can reduce the cost of cleaning up.
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