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Steel quality guarantee

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-12
Steel is now common steel products on the market, the company perennial engaged in all kinds of steel production technology, about steel production technology during the production of master key in particular. Use ladle bottom plug rod, guarantee poured into the mould molten steel quality and prevent slag inclusion defects. In pouring, adopting low temperature quick pouring, poured riser technology, improve the quality of castings. Control out of the time, according to the technical process gas cutting riser in a timely manner heat treatment to remove the casting stress, prevent cracks, stable casting organization. Check the blank dimensions, according to the drawing after grinding inspection qualified. According to the process for heat treatment. Stay until they have passed the mechanics performance of transfers of products. Our company will according to customer's friend's demand for steel production, thus improving the quality of steel, more customers friend use effect.
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