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Steel processing machinery and equipment available to adjust

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-18
Steel processing machinery and equipment available to adjust. If ability can use steel large flat calibration, in the case of not meet the conditions, can be used machinery and equipment, casting process. Materials of casting steel processing ultrasonic testing must be done in advance, not allowed to exist simultaneous cheng Φ 2 mm or greater than equivalent flat bottom hole defect. Choose the flat steel processing equipment from bottom hole reflection wave height of the highest equipment, steel processing process height on the screen in rise to 80% of the full picture, on the basis of the measured other reflection wave height of each block flat bottom hole - a distance Amplitude calibration curve, the curve is the baseline to evaluate the defects. Steel in general should be cleaned up before testing. Surface impurities such as sand casting riser must clean. Closely related to steel processing industry and machinery industry, the development of mechanical industry will directly lead to the development of steel industry. Especially the current support several pillar industry - machinery industry rapid development Automotive, power generation equipment, machine tools and foundry industry correlation is big, leading role is obvious. Therefore, in the long run, China's foundry industry development situation is very good, a lot of opportunities. The surface of the steel processed products processing, can use sand blasting, grinding wheel grinding, or by machining method, remove obstruction of flaw detection of attachments. Steel processing should be performed after the appearance inspection qualified ultrasonic flaw detection, steel detection surface on the back of the influence of ultrasonic testing material shall be removed. When tested inspection of steel casting surface is rough, you can use a soft probe of protective film. 0
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