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Steel plays an important role in industrial production

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-19
Steel products is growing, it is we are happy, therefore, the existence of the steel to provide the support for rich steel market, about the basic role of the steel, small make up the following summary for you. Steel it is a part of the need to use on the machine, and it USES the production material is cast steel, it is similar to the performance of the cast iron, but be better than the strength of cast iron. Steel in casting process easier to appear porosity defects, also has the disadvantages such as Angle position is not accurate, so long-term use may appear casing fracture phenomenon, steel and cast steel is used for casting of steel castings, it is a kind of casting alloy. And cast steel was not a single it also there are many kinds of ways and material casting, cast steel can be divided into cast carbon steel, cast low alloy steel and special steel casting the three major categories. Cast steel we listen to the cast iron is less relatively more, compare the mechanical properties of the cast steel is higher than cast iron, but its than cast iron casting performance is poor, because the melting point of cast steel is high, easy to oxidation of liquid steel, poor liquidity of molten steel, large shrinkage. Understanding of the above aspects of the steel concrete industrial use, hope to be able to help customers friend smoothly steel choose to use, rich industrial production to provide support to help.
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