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Steel in the process of application of what disadvantage is there?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-16
Due to the characteristics of steel and steel will be used almost all industrial sectors, the steel has a very wide range of application scope, but also has various advantages, strength will be better than cast iron pieces. Although steel application advantages much more special, but there are still some disadvantages, the rest of this article about the disadvantage of casting steel in application to introduce related. First steel organization is not uniform, this is because the liquid metal into the mold and die wall after a contact, the first layer of liquid metal because temperature may drop too fast, solidified into a finer grain size. Then with the increase of the distance between the die wall and the mold wall for will gradually weaken the influence of temperature, the crystal will be along with the mold wall vertical growth into parallel to each other in the direction of the columnar crystals. Because in the center of the casting heat no obvious directivity, will form a free development trend, so formed axis crystal zone. So steel internal organization is not uniform. Second steel group is not tight, this is because the crystallization of liquid metal in the branches of the growth ways, different parts of the coagulation time, filled with liquid are different, so the steel is not dense. In addition if the injection mold of liquid metal in the cooling or solidification, volume shrinkage and no added, there will be loose or steel shrinkage cavity. In addition to the above two faults, the surface of the steel is relatively rough, so can't be compared with the surface of the machined parts, this is disadvantage of casting steel in application.
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