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Steel in forging hour in two types of different purposes

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-15
Under the first, everyone should be in charge of repairing tool adopted by abrasive paper, brush, paint bucket of paint may. Paint should as far as possible and at an hour when the choose and buy of choose and buy antirust paint maybe polyester paint, also should to protect stainless steel castings besmear to brush in twice the number of the above a few. Need to get rusty location of rusty spot clean sand mold. Adopt the paint of paint of first hour should be fixed, after the paint to dry and then execute the second paint, the second hour of besmear brushs should adopt type polyurethane paint, besmear brushs the hour should as far as possible to protect the surface smooth and flat. If the aging appearance of stainless steel castings is particularly serious hour, should replace thinking as much as possible. As much as possible in order to reduce the paint off of stainless steel castings, should pay special attention to the implementation of maintenance and maintenance, such as this can have a better than good adopt function. Steel the processing know-how baoding steel cold insulation condition in forging of the hour, two types of different purpose transfer principle of liquid steel is not very good fusion, easy to nodular cast iron has a dent, with rounded corners and edges. This appearance is very much because of the sake of ductile cast iron surface tension, made by hand from all aspects to handle it. First of all, for forging is used to improve the control of the liquid steel quality, strengthen the liquidity of liquid steel, second choose appropriate high casting temperature. In addition, the appropriate increase casting faster cold of every state is the effect of partial effect. And in the hour of production, be sure to pay special attention to consolidate the permeability of mold, thereby reducing the occurrence of stainless steel casting defects.
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