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Steel heat treatment test procedures

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-14
A, carbon steel casting, heat treatment test procedures given the valve casting complex shape, easy to deformation and cracking of carbon steel castings usually adopts annealing heat treatment. When the inspection supervision, whether by the supplier in accordance with the following specifications for heat treatment, hardness value and test casting. Carbon steel casting during heat treatment attention point 1. 1 furnace temperature up to 650 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, whether because slow warming in the process of heating, especially complex shape of carbon steel castings, when the temperature rises to 650 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, should slow heating, or under the temperature of heat preservation for a period of time. Because of the phase change in the temperature range of carbon steel, with volume change, the phase transformation stress, if rapid heating up, easy to make casting thin wall parts with thick wall and temperature difference between surface and central layers increase, so as to increase the thermal stress of castings, easy to cause the casting crack. 1. 2 time of heat preservation in order to make the casting internal and external temperature consistent enough, and have enough time to make the organization completely transformed, thick-walled casting heat preservation time longer than thin wall castings. 1. 3 carbon steel casting annealing, generally with the furnace cooling. Austenitic stainless steel castings, heat treatment test procedures austenitic stainless steel castings usually USES solid fusion processing and stabilizing treatment, heat treatment has the best corrosion resistance. When inspection focused on supervision and does the supplier according to the following specifications for heat treatment. 1. Austenitic stainless steel solid fusion processing solid fusion processing aim is to make the carbide steel completely melted and single-phase organization, its casting method is be heated to 950 ℃ ~ 1175 ℃, heating mode appropriate USES low-temperature preheating first, and then accelerate heating to solid fusion temperature process, in order to reduce steel surface and the core in the process of heating temperature, the solid melting heat preservation time depends on the steel wall thickness, average per mm insulation wall thickness of 2. 5 ~ 3 min, guarantee each section of the casting heat through it all, the solid melting insulation after quenching in water, oil or air, and is commonly used with water, air cooling is only applicable to thin wall castings. 2. Austenite stainless steel castings stabilizing treatment to prevent austenite stainless steel castings & other; Sensitization & throughout; Phenomenon, such as titanium, niobium is added in the steel alloying elements, solid fusion processing, again for stabilizing treatment, namely the casting to be heated to 850 ℃ ~ 930 ℃, after heat preservation, to the carbon steel fully form stable with titanium, niobium carbide.
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