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Steel casting requirements

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-12
Steel casting requirements? Conditions of casting speed, the smooth discharge chamber of the gas, and the steel casting solidification can use high casting speed, the requirements for the realization of the cast steel solidification sequence, as the casting speed is low. In pouring temperature, casting steel pouring temperature has great effect on the quality of cast steel, the pouring temperature range should be determined according to the structure and the type characteristics of casting alloy cast steel. According to the reasonable selection of carbon steel casting temperature model, pouring temperature in 1540 - commonly 1580℃( Molten steel in ladle temperature) 。 In casting requirements, usually need to according to the following points: in A. Casting of large and medium-sized steel casting, static 1 - after pouring ladle 2 min calm. B。 Cast steel after solidification is completed, should be dismantled weight box card, in order to eliminate the casting shrinkage, avoid crack defects of cast steel.
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