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Steel casting operations need to focus on specific issues

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-13
Eligible large steel castings, must meet many requirements and hard conditions, good results must have strict operating process and specification, large cast steel companies will introduce in this paper, nanjing steel casting pouring some of the procedures. Steel casting operation need attention such as temperature, speed, specific introduction is as follows: 1, the temperature had a great influence on steel quality, determine the reasonable pouring temperature range need according to the alloy types, casting structure and casting characteristics, generally, pouring temperature in 1540 ℃ ~ 1580 ℃ ( Molten steel in ladle temperature) In between. 2, in terms of casting speed, in guarantee under the condition of the gas discharge within the cavity is smooth, to a request for solidification of casting high casting speed can be used at the same time, the requirement to realize sequential solidification of castings, using low casting speed as much as possible. 3, henan large cast steel enterprises, cannot careless: (operation requirements 1) Pouring large and medium-sized steel, steel in the ladle let stand for 1 min ~ 2 min calm after pouring; ( 2) After pouring casting solidification is completed, timely removal of weight and chest card, in order to reduce the casting shrinkage resistance, avoid the casting crack defects. Is nanjing large cast steel enterprises, as well as heavy industry enterprises, to promote the development of the industry, on the product quality can not relax, improve the quality of the steel is to promote the development of the cast steel industry.
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