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Steel casting matters needing attention in the case of water toughening treatment

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-03
Most of the foundry production steel castings is produced by water toughening treatment rear acceptance. Because of containing a large amount of carbide in steel raw materials, thus toughness is very low, and very easy to fracture. So steel casting is needed water toughening treatment, and the main purpose of heat treatment is to remove carbides. When water toughening treatment in steel casting, need mainly the following two points: 1, the temperature of the water toughening treatment. The temperature of the water toughening treatment depends on the composition of high manganese steel, usually in the 1050 ~ 1100 ℃. C content is high or high alloy content, the maximum water toughening temperature on the high manganese steel. But high water toughening casting surface temperature will lead to serious decarburization, the grain will grow up quickly, affecting its performance. 2, the heating rate of warming. Worse than the thermal conductivity of the general carbon steel, high manganese steel casting stress (if any, in the heating process Fast heating rate) Is easy to crack, but the casting surface carburization causes both inside and outside layers C content and mechanical properties of differences, the micro cracks are prone to increase C layer. In general, simple thin-walled parts available fast heating rate, thick wall and surface increases slowly heated C. Production in advance at about 650 ℃ heat 1 ~ 3 h, the furnace and casting internal and external temperature tends to uniform, then fast heating temperature to the temperature of the water toughening treatment process.
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