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Steel careful maintenance and maintenance for it

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-12
For the first, you should consider repair by appliances or abrasive paper, brush, paint bucket of paint. Choose paint period should be as far as possible choose antirust paint or polyester paint, also should to protect steel besmear to brush the number of times on both sides said. Need to make the rust spot of rusty spot clean sand mold. To paint the painting for the first time period shall be as far as possible equilibrium, paint dry before the next painting, the period of the next to besmear brushs type polyurethane topcoat shall be taken to besmear brushs period should be as far as possible to protect nominal satiny. If the period of casting steel case senescence is very severe, should replace thinking as much as possible. Purpose is to reduce steel casting off paint, should be cautious to it maintenance and maintenance, these will have a better take function. Steel casting cold-lap representation of solving result steel during forging, 2 different location shift in the same location of liquid steel not perfectly fuse together, makes the nodular cast iron pieces appear indentation, with rounded corners and edges. Such representation is very much is from nodular cast iron was brought about because of surface tension, to solve due to start from all aspects. For the first, forging to consolidate on the quality of molten steel in the process of using adjustable, strengthen the liquidity of liquid steel, choose reasonable casting heat at the same time. In addition, appropriate increase casting speed also can get the effect of some representation of cold-lap effect. In the period of design, should be careful to consolidate the permeability of mold, leading to lower steel shortage.
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