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Stainless steel castings perfect show, don't need to go to Korea cosmetic!

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-03
Stainless steel castings perfect show, don't need to go to Korea cosmetic! Stainless steel casting defect repair and rectification of the strict specification! We often say that everything's nine beauty, anything and have encountered error, we need to do is error of defect was repaired in a timely manner. Do not conform to the standard when we occasionally meet the casting quality how to repair and correct it! The work in progress must be rigorous, careful, otherwise will backfire, the defect of the stainless steel castings. In view of the occasional small defects, hey hey. 。 We don't need to heat to cosmetic surgery, just listen to our senior technical experts is how to say. Although it can remove the stainless steel castings by polished look of any faults, but after polishing should comply with the casting of the scale of the scale of public service requirements. Stainless steel castings, about now deformation is promised with mechanical method to correct, but to ensure that the correct after all, no crack. In addition, the shortcoming of the stainless steel castings can also repair by welding repair, such as choose tungsten argon arc welding welding time, welding repair area, weld depth should comply with the rules; Are no more than three times, and at the same welding repair welding area marginal distance shall not be less than the sum of two adjacent weld zone diameter. About now is through the heat treatment of stainless steel castings, after welding repair is still in accordance with the original method of heat treatment, and in the treatment of after testing the mechanical properties of castings. Only when the argon arc welding area of less than 2 cm2, welding area distance not less than 100 mm of cent can without heat treatment. In the weld area of the stainless steel castings, do not allow to have a crack, delamination, the phenomenon such as lack of penetration rendering; About to work in a corrosive medium or atmosphere of stainless steel castings, welding repair time is can't use welding flux. In order to satisfied with some special requirements, can promise the requirement of close sex of stainless steel casting infiltration process. Above hope can better for you to improve steel quality, if you want to know more about the relevant details, welcome to the company. The company will continue to, according to the requirements of customers friend casting quality, performance, continuous innovation development. Raise the quality of the castings, steel details knowledge to understand more deeply. Hotline: 020-86 22139325
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