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Stainless steel casting cold-lap happens to cleaning method

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-12-03
The stainless steel castings, first, we have to prepare the tool which is the basis of the repair or abrasive paper, brush, paint bucket of paint. Buy the hour is best buy antirust paint of paint or polyester paint, also must guarantee steel besmear to brush the number of times on both sides of a few. Need to let the rust spot of rusty spot clean sand mold. According to the paint of back in the early hours must be uniform it is best to paint, paint to dry before carrying out again, again a hour must be based on type polyurethane paint besmear to brush, besmear brushs hour must be the best is the guarantee of the surface smooth. If steel aging style very serious time, must be the best is ready to replace. In order to best is degressive steel off paint, must pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance, just like this there must be some than good according to the results. Tianjin cleaning method of stainless steel casting cold-lap happens to tianjin at an hour when casting stainless steel castings, two different target flow of the same kind of liquid steel won't better fusion together, ductile iron castings in concave traces, have rounded corners and edges. This style is much more special because of the sake of ductile cast iron surface tension brewing, from a variety of beginning, due to clean up. For the first, casting process to strengthen the restrain of the liquid steel quality, increase liquidity in the liquid steel, in addition to buy fair casting temperature. And increases casting speed can also be appropriate to the cold insulation condition of work. In the layout of the hour, understand that pay attention to strengthen the permeability of mold, and the decrease of steel casting defects become.
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