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Something about the gravity casting machine is introduced

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-23
Gravity casting machine is Joe a core product, can be 90 degrees tilt, let the aluminum liquid flow, makes the quality of the products more high quality. And its processing efficiency is also particularly high, small castings in 2 minutes can be formed, the manufacturer of the goods time is very helpful. Gravity casting mould is a must-have gravity casting machine in the production of casting foundry equipment, because the mould cost is very high, plus the cost of gravity casting machine, so it is suitable to the product of mass production and small batch production is often not cost-effective. So the customers can according to the quantity of their products to consider investment. Gravity casting machine are casting to expand their markets, because gravity casting process to produce the product quality is better than sand casting production out of the quality of the product, so the gravity casting technology will become more and more popular. Bo Joe casting equipment both do gravity casting mould, gravity casting machine also has 14 years of experience and, choice, Joe, is choosing a source of one-stop service products manufacturers.
Collectively, the effect of casting machinery on industrial society has been to eliminate quenching furnace manufacturers and drastically reduce the time long associated with quenching furnace manufacturers.
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