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Some operation criterion in shoot core machine for daily use

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-05
Shoot core machine is a very widely used casting equipment, it can adapt the product very much, so much more special manufacturers like to use this kind of equipment. Shoot core machine is the production of castings, the boot is all day, so, how to use and maintenance, to make them live longer? Shoot core machine is in daily use, first we have to confirm its transmission performance, make sure no foreign body run up; Second is to control the parts and hydraulic pressure without exception. In the process of production, as long as the shoot core machine is in operation, so employees can't leave my shoot core machine, and when the shoot core machine is running to keep clean and tidy, sand to timely removal. Also note, once found abnormal shoot core machine is running, such as running or often have different ring, should immediately stop, then check the problem, solves the can continue to boot. Joe shoot core machine is not only good quality, and on the later maintenance service can give to the customer good security, and was deeply loved by customers.
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