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Some knowledge about shoot core machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-13
Shoot core machine is a core product of Joe casting equipment, close the brougham Joe the device, there are lots of things need to share with you, of course, is only Joe's shoot core machine, does not represent shoot core machine is this kind of product. Just to say simple with everybody. Bo Joe shoot core machine can be customized, the mold location size can be customized, fuselage size can also be customized, can do injective head, also can do double shot first. It is worth mentioning that bijection head shoot core machine can shoot two running at the same time, also can only run one. At the same time, the material is coated sand, can turn 180 degrees deoxidization, 240 seconds to complete a cycle, is independent of the console, the operation is very simple. Shoot core machine performance, and in the way of Po to Joe. Bo Joe is available in 15 working days can delivery a, the goods time can say quite fast. And can provide testing service, because Joe also do mold, try mode after the success had only then can let the product factory. So chose, Joe, you can provide one-stop service for customers, easier then.
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