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SMS ( SMS) Client visit factory - no

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-23
On November 16, 2016 SMS manager with supply chain management department of Beijing yuan SMS Germany headquarters strategic procurement group manager Mr Rohrff to come to visit nanjing foundries. SMS group is a by many in the steel and non-ferrous metals industries engaged in mechanical design and equipment manufacturing group company of multinational companies. SMS group members of the company in the smelting and rolling, and other fields is a world leader. To provide users with high performance, high technical equipment and comprehensive high quality service, good reputation in the industry. SMS company's business in China dating back centuries at the beginning of 1904. Hanyang iron works to China provides the first set of rolling equipment. Since then, the SMS company in the last century 60 s and seventy s were involved in taiyuan steel and wuhan iron and steel construction engineering. In the early eighty s, SMS company as baoshan iron and steel factory of hot rolling and cold rolling equipment supplier devoted Yu Baogang construction. With the rapid development of China's metallurgical industry, the SMS company operates in China's large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises and a large number of private enterprises, for China's metallurgical industry quickly get rid of the backwardness and improve the overall level of China heavy machinery industry made a lot of contribution. The SMS manager and Mr Rohrff Mr Yuan of our hardware and software qualification, visited nanjing foundry workshop, quality inspection room, refinement, production workshop, a lion mechanical processing workshop, casting production conditions are satisfied to our company. About our company to perform the casting paint, wood pattern making, raw material purchase, process inspection and final inspection, rough machining and inspection carried on the thorough discussion. Li, chairman of total, foundry yellow total,, or for the total sales Xiong Qi reception customer, and conducted friendly exchanges. The SMS for our intention to offer drawings and technical data, the two sides is full of hope for the future co-operation, in nanjing, the foundry will be with first-class product quality and satisfactory delivery time feedback customers, common development and common progress. No product variety, with strong market competitiveness, have any requirements, please advice without making factory! Hotline: 0510 80297069
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