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Six principles for purchasing low-voltage machines

Six principles for purchasing low-voltage machines


The correct way to purchase a suitable low-voltage machine for gold tools has always been a major concern of people. Xiao Bian explained the problem of “coming over people”, introduced the experience of the industry for many years and the lessons of purchasing products, and introduced the low-voltage machine of gold fittings. Six principles, I hope to help everyone!


Before purchasing products, you can know the specific price of the products through the Internet, ask friends or view related books, etc., to understand the market price, to know what is in the heart, to avoid falling into the "trap" of the business, many people think that the more expensive Products, all aspects of the product are naturally very good, Xiao Bian believes that this concept has a certain reason, but at the same time there are also a lot of misunderstanding, although the quality and performance of the product is directly proportional to the price of the product, the human resources of high-quality product consumption and Material resources are the main factors affecting product prices. However, some manufacturers' products have very poor performance and quality, but the price is very high. Therefore, when purchasing, we should choose the most cost-effective product based on the quality and performance of the product and the price.


We know that the low-voltage machine of the metal fitting has two types of overhead type and side-mounted type. The difference between the two is that the connection between the mold and the holding furnace is different.

Top-mounted: The overhead-type fittings low-pressure machine is a widely used casting machine in China. It has the advantages of convenient operation, easy manufacture and simple structure, but the production efficiency of the equipment is relatively low.

Side-mounted: The side-mounted type overcomes the shortcomings of the overhead type, and the production efficiency is high, but the machine structure is complicated, resulting in limited application range.

According to the different types of classification, it is divided into two types of low-voltage machines, vertical and horizontal.

According to the casting position of the casting and the corresponding technical parameters, whether to place horizontally or vertically, and analyze the two is more conducive to the casting processability of the casting, and then purchase.

To purchase according to your own needs, to avoid buying the wrong type.


The quality of the product directly affects the service life of the product, which indirectly affects the user's economic problems. A good quality product can help users save the cost and human resources needed for maintenance, while the good quality product helps to improve the user's Economic benefits.


The products with excellent performance are directly linked with high efficiency. The excellent performance can be used to produce more sophisticated electric power fittings, which can improve the production efficiency of the enterprise. The high-performance products affect the profit of the enterprise, and thus the performance of the products can be seen. The importance of it.

五. Technical parameters

The technical parameters of the product are the working data of the product, and its importance is naturally not mentioned. The following are the main technical parameters of some domestic manufacturers of low-voltage machine tools!

六. manufacturers

There are many domestic low-voltage machine manufacturers, some manufacturers shoddy, the production materials used are very inferior, the quality of the manufactured products is certainly not reliable, and the service life of the products after use is definitely shorter. Therefore, when purchasing a low-voltage machine, it is necessary to consider the manufacturer and choose carefully. It is best to choose some manufacturers with relatively high reputation. Generally, these large factories have sufficient economic strength and are strictly produced according to national standards. The quality of the products is sure to be trustworthy.

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