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Show you understand the gravity casting machine were rotated 90 degrees

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-26
In the foundry industry, gravity casting machine is a common one machine, small make up take you to learn about our independent research and development of 90 ° rotated gravity casting machine. Turn 90 ° inclination gravity casting machine, belongs to the field of non-ferrous metal casting, the structure including the main body, the hydraulic control system and electric control system. Fuselage main body includes base, lathe bed, rotated institutions, opening and closing mechanism and ejection, lathe bed including the bottom and sides, rotated institutions including the servo motor, reduction drive, drive gear and good gear ring, opening and closing type institutions including the static and dynamic template template and type oil cylinder, including guide bar ejection device, guide sleeve, and ejection cylinder. The present invention adopts servo drive 90 ° rotated, rotated speed is adjustable, finish casting pouring, in the process of variable speed rotated process for casting mold casting process of exhaust gas and the liquid metal filling, can improve the inner quality and the yield of the casting.
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