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Show you understand the advantages and disadvantages of gravity casting mould

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-26
Metal mold gravity casting mould is a kind of modern casting technology. Metal mold casting mould of one advantage is that can be recycled many times, can be repeatedly pouring liquid metal, in order to mass production of castings, thus production with high efficiency, save a lot of time. Another advantage is the metal mold casting to produce castings product surface is smooth, not rough, the strength of the castings were satisfactory. Because of these characteristics of metal mold gravity casting mould, so manufacturers can drunbility, choose according to their own product demand casting process. If you are a mass production of medium-sized and small casting products, have a requirement on surface, with strength requirements can choose metal mold gravity casting mould gravity casting mould process is one of the metal mold casting mould, gravity may have a lot of people don't understand what type metal gravity casting mould, now listen to the introduction of small make up, you understand?
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