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Shot of precoated sand core confidential how to select raw materials? - Casting machinery equipment factory

by:BoQiao Machinery     2021-01-22
Foundry industry often use automatic shoot core machine for production, the quality of the machine for automatic core will affect the quality of sand core, so the producers for automatic core machine quality will be valued. But automatic raw materials sand core machine is also very important, it is the main component of sand core products, including automatic core machine the raw material of molding sand, which has two kinds of coated sand and resin sand, bo Joe introduce you the choose and buy of coated sand. Precoated sand is mainly using natural quartz sand as the original sand, so the purity and cleanliness of the quartz sand will affect the quality of the coated sand. Producers should be chosen when choosing coated sand high purity and cleanliness of precoated sand quartz sand as raw material, so production out of sand core quality will be better. Because of precoated sand is hot core box technique of automatic core machine the raw material of green sand, so the enclose fire and thermal stability of the coated sand plays an important role in the actual production, so the choice of precoated sand to have a higher degree of fire and thermal stability, can make the automatic machine to produce good results. Bo Joe has 15 years experience in casting production research and development of automatic core machine, if there is demand, welcome to contact.
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