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Shoot the core mechanism of core making quality is decided by what

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-04
Shoot core machine is main casting equipment, so in a lot of large processing equipment, using the shoot core machine to complete the processing, to ensure product quality, production efficiency, with the development of our industries, shoot core machine is becoming more and more widely used. Bo Joe to summarize, shoot core machine equipment in the process of jet core, what are the influencing factors. 1, raw material: mainly refers to shoot with the quality of the sand. Shot with the resin sand core process, and the performance of the clay sand difference is larger. Main influencing factors for resin sand 'can shoot sand', this is the liquidity of core sand, wet strength and properties of the resin. 2, equipment factors: refers to the influence of the shoot core machine. The shoot core machine correlation core process mainly includes the influence of the pressure tank correlation core process, the influence of sand head structure ( Shoot sand cone shape) Correlation of sand process, the influence of the shoot sand valve correlation core process. 3, the influence of process parameters and equipment parameters: the process parameters correlation core process has obvious effect, at the same time, the process parameters and core-making methods have a close relationship. Different core making methods of different production process, the use of different process parameters, such as shoot and shoot sand sand time pressure. Tooling parameters mainly refers to the core box structure, including the location of the vent plug, the position of the shoot sand hole, and size. They can produce different degrees of correlation core process, thus affect the density distribution of the sand core, affect the quality of the sand core. If you want to get good quality of core, and with high production efficiency, this requirement will shoot core machine is the use of raw materials. And machining process, the equipment has a reasonable design parameters and process, so as to more efficient. Bo Joe to provide professional services to customers as own duty, not only production and manufacturing, design product research and development, also can according to customer samples, designed to provide you with professional consulting services and personalized product design and production services. At the same time, it also provides a full set of equipment, accessory equipment, and various related accessories. And is responsible for the installation, commissioning and training of skilled workers and on-site guidance.
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