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Shoot core machine with mould should be how to avoid on the source

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-04
We want to avoid shoot core machine is touch mode, the reason why it will have to clear it. Touch mode there are two reasons, one is energy type touch mode, the other is a vent plug type mold. Energy type touch mode is because in the process of shoot sand, part of the transfer of precoated sand to the surface of core box, after coagulation on the surface of core box. This surface is stained with mold and shoot in the pressure on the sand, the greater the pressure, mold is more serious. Shoot core machine vent plug touch mode, because in the process of production, exhaust will gradually reduce, if increase shoot sand pressure, there will be serious with mold phenomenon. So when the exhaust reduction, shall be appropriately reduce the pressure of shoot sand, it can effectively avoid touch mode! Shoot core machine with mould in the production process of accidentally phenomenon occurs, so avoid this kind of phenomenon, improve the production efficiency of shoot core machine is critical. After watching the above introduction, you learned?
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