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Shoot core machine sand has experienced what would run?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-30
Shoot core machine is pressurized shoot sand production of sand core are of good quality, short production cycle, good quality, low cost advantages, low noise, easy to realize automation process, so shoot core machine core making process has been applied long ago. But a lot of manufacturers are using shoot core machine after a period of time will find sand core machine running phenomenon is more serious, let bo Joe tell what you shoot core machine has experienced the sand will run. Shoot sand operation of shoot core machine is on shoot sand head shoot sand hole and core box shoot sand hole alignment, shoot sand plate and core box after compaction. But in the actual production as a result of the deformation and stress of the core box after casting processing, cooling and heating will produce deformation, core box wear will be made when using shoot shoot sand core machine produce gap between plate and core boxes, rush out shoot sand coated sand from gap, lead to shoot core machine running sand. Shoot core machine running sand will not only waste of raw materials coated sand, sand run lead to shoot sand false also can produce defective products, increase the production cost, also worsen the working environment, the rate of fire of precoated sand too fast and easy to cause damage to the operating personnel. So manufacturers have in shoot shoot core machine daily production run sand core machine, pay attention to the timely processing. ​
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