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Shoot core machine production efficiency have many tall?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-06
Release date: 2020 06 - 30 clicks: 24 shoot core machine many foundries are used, after all, its process is very extensive, so its use is very extensive. Because manufacturers to produce products batch may be very big, so its production effect is very attention, bo Joe shoot core machine can produce an average of 15 seconds a casting, meet the production needs of customers. Why bo Joe's shoot core machine can produce a casting for 15 seconds? This is because bo Joe's shoot core machine is double location shoot core machine, can do two casting production at the same time, and each casting production between 30 seconds to 240 seconds, so you can do an average of 15 seconds to produce a casting. Bo Joe shoot core machine is not only high production efficiency, and its quality is very good also, have customers use our products has 1 year, feedback said without any problems. Machine itself are of good quality and is also a fundamental to improve production efficiency. Joe has 15 years of experience, welcome general customers friends come to visit.
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