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Shoot core machine oil cylinder or a cylinder?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-05
Shoot core machine with cylinder cylinder also good, we must first understand what is their role? Shoot core machine cylinder and cylinder is the same function, they are all will head pressure on the shoot sand copper, and make it with mold pressed, to shoot sand to this action. This is a very important core steps. Tie-in cylinder shoot core machine, its shoot sand movement is like this: first start slowly, slowly pressure, after pressure enough, all of a sudden rapid shoot sand, the equivalent of a 'xu li' process; And carry a characteristics of oil cylinder is uniform, because it's enough power, so the pressure is uniform, also don't need to force the process of storage, it is more stable. From the above, shoot core machine is the function of the cylinder and the cylinder to shoot sand, understand their function, you can see which is more suitable for you?
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