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Shoot core machine is what are the advantages?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-06
Shoot core machine manufacturers have a lot of, but have little strength, so in the choice of shoot core machine is suitable for field trips to the factory is a better way to upgrade scheme. In order to let the customer little detours, small make up to introduce to you Joe's shoot core machine. Joe had a bijection head shoot core machine and injective head, double head shoot core machine can put two die work at the same time; All shoot core machine is fully automatic, just a little training mount guard, the operation is very simple, even in our customers see female workers operating machine. Bo Joe shoot core machine is fully automatic start-stop, opening and closing of the mold, temperature control, mould flip are done by the console, reduce the burden of the workers. Joe shoot core machine have an advantage, is the ability to commissioning, the quality of the shoot core machine is no problem before delivery to the customer.
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