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Shoot core machine is important introduction of operation rules

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-08
Production work between the start of the shoot core machine, operator must first look around the whole device to see if any mechanical operation of the obstacles of the obstacles, so clear in time the boot, after the end of the production, to clean up the garbage on the machine after downtime, ensure clean and tidy; At ordinary times should pay attention to maintenance, check the components between the operation situation, timely add lubricating oil. In addition, at the time of shoot core machine production, shall not be allowed to leave the work station, in order to avoid malfunction, causing major losses. End of a day's work, to see whether the valve indicator in static state, if it is not to be adjusted to work. To briefly introduce these points today: more details, have time to talk about, let people more clearly understand! Kuntai shoot core machine is fully automatic mechanical equipment, easy operation, even the novice, with a little training, can the independent operation. But even if is simple and convenient operation, in the actual production process or want to have some details need to pay attention to, in this way, to ensure safety in production, and can improve production efficiency.
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