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Shoot core machine is how long does it take to complete a production cycle?

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-06
Shoot core machine is the mechanical equipment manufacturing core body, so we must first understand its working process. Shoot core machine is through the mold processing and molding of precoated sand in the heating chamber. The whole process which is only 30 seconds faster, slower is 240 seconds, the speed is to be decided according to the size of the core. That is to say, it makes the core body of time is about 30 to 240 seconds, the production efficiency is soon? Joe shoot core machine is the pursuit of faster, because we have a double head shoot core machine. The device can put two mold to produce at the same time, the mean in the 30 - Two 240 seconds between can produce castings. 30 seconds if it is small the same casting can produce 2 castings, a casting for 15 seconds. Bo Joe shoot core machine production speed turning you on? Hurry to know the detail!
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