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Shoot core machine is high efficiency allows you to produce

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-10-07
Bo Joe shoot core machine is to produce a core of efficiency is very high. Usually 30 seconds to 4 minutes to complete a cycle, and the quality of the sand core is high also, because not only can do simple sand core, can also do complex sand core, this is the accumulation of experience and technology. Bo Joe shoot core machine production has an advantage, sand core is the precise size, smooth surface, and this have what use? This can reduce sand core processing capacity, such as don't have to go to grinding and polishing, etc. But also can save auxiliary equipment and tools, such as bone core drying furnace, drying device, core, wax line, etc. Shoot core machine adopts the material of precoated sand core, it is through the high pressure air flow sand intake cavity, instantly after mould heating, thus forming a complete core. Kuntai shoot core tools and frame can rotate 180 degrees, so that you can empty out excess sand recycling. And after sand molding, deal with the surface of the sand core, make it smooth, this is ok.
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