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by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-11-30
Shoot core machine USES the hot core box solidification of precoated sand sand process to produce cores are of high quality, accurate dimensions, surface is bright and clean, reduce the secondary processing capacity, the workers so many casting manufacturer are in use. But many manufacturers in the use of shoot core machine after a period of time will find that shoot core machine of hot core box will appear a lot of dirt, but they also not clear dirt comes in. Joe to tell you the truth, actually shoot core machine of precoated sand core box will appear in the scale, mainly because the sand on the surface of the resin in the process of shoot sand hit from the shoot sand flow, part of the resin is broken, and a small amount of resin squeezed adhesion on the surface of core box, accumulate over a long period was gradually formed on the surface of hot core box a hard, dense layer of hardening resin scale. Shoot sand of precoated sand core machine pressure, the use of resin coated sand surface in green sand quality is poor, too high, the use of release agent for the amount of resin and the resin used do not match, and hot core box surface is rough can make hot core box surface dirt. Core box of fouling will not only cause sand core mold surface roughness, affect the quality of sand core's appearance, also may be the cause of casting batch scrap and casting mold scrapped.
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