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Share how to choose the gravity casting machine

by:BoQiao Machinery     2020-09-24
Casting gravity casting machine is a kind of expensive equipment, once the buy the wrong choice, loss is bigger, and delay the construction period, expand losses, so the foundries you should be careful in choosing a gravity casting machine. Small make up today is to teach people how to choose the gravity casting machine. Widely used gravity casting machine, can produce a lot of industry products, the stand or fall of gravity casting machine casting products from the appearance of the casting quality, internal quality and using quality judgment, but do you know what kind of gravity casting machine is better gravity casting machine? Casting producers on gravity casting machine can be in the following ways to choose. First of all, is now in the market popular gravity casting machine in PLC control, pay attention to see whether the manipulation of the form of gravity casting machine belongs to the PLC control; Secondly, now widely popular gravity casting machine is tilting rotary gravity casting machine, to see whether the mechanical equipment can be completed in the process of rotated casting; Third, to see if the machine turn over arbitrary point to begin and end, some machines can only turn of 90 degrees or 180 degrees; Fourth, when the buffer mechanical shock would be able to rely on solenoid valve to do, or say to want to rely on manual valve to control. Gravity casting machine as the machine is widely used in foundry industry, the casting manufacturer and more focus on purchase of gravity casting machine, in aspects of the performance of the foundry industry is always in the steady development of the industry, Joe will strive to develop, improve their strength, and customized according to customer demand, to give customers a good experience. Say so many, you learn how to choose the gravity casting machine? If you want to know more information about the gravity casting machine, can contact us directly, we have 15 years experience, we can't be wrong.
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